Searching across queries with SQL Search

Find the query you're looking for with keyword search

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember where a particular query is located?

Even with Query Tabs and Boards making query organization easier, you can still get stuck trying to find a query you've been looking for if you can't remember the name. Perhaps you remember an alias used, or a column referenced, or something else — but not the name of the query itself.

Now, you can use SQL Search and search for query tabs using keyword(s) used in the SQL. So if you remember that a particular column, alias, table, etc. was used, you can easily find that query!

Continue reading to see how it works.

First, click on the "SQL Search" magnifying glass icon in your lefthand navigation bar.

Then enter a search term that you remember being used in the SQL your searching for. This can be anything from a:

  • Clause

  • Project, dataset, or table

  • Alias

  • Column

After you enter a search term, results containing your term will be displayed below, with the search term being highlighted.

Next, click on the results to expand the SQL so you can identify which result contains the SQL you're looking for. Notice the "Path" column, which tells you which Board / Query Tab the SQL is located in.

Finally, click on "Open Query" once you've found what you're looking for to open the Board and Query Tab containing the SQL you were searching for.