Connecting your Github Organization to superQuery
This article is for those who are connecting superQuery to their GitHub Organization. If you'd like to connect to a personal repository instead, refer to this post.
Only GitHub Organization Owners have the permissions required to set up superQuery at the organization level. If you're not an Owner, please share this post with an Owner on your team.
In order for your team to connect superQuery to repos in your GitHub organization, you'll need to ensure all permissions are set for the superQuery GitHub application at the Organization level.

Step #1: Access Organization settings

In GitHub, click on your profile icon and then on "Settings"
From there, go to "Organization Settings" on the left-hand menu and select your organization.
You will see your own organization in place of superQuery.

Step #2: Access "Installed GitHub Apps"

Make sure that you see "" is installed. If it isn't please install it at the organization level by using this link.

Step #3: Permit the repos that can be accessed

Click “Configure” next to "" and go to "Repository access" to determine which repos to permit for connection to superQuery.

Step #4: Make sure superQuery application is permitted as a third-party app

Navigate to the "Third-party access" tab and double-check that the superQuery application is permitted.
Last modified 7mo ago