"Where are my scheduled queries from BigQuery?"

Why don't I see my scheduled queries?

When you open superQuery's Scheduled Queries Manager, you might notice that any previously-saved scheduled jobs from BigQuery don't appear.

This is because the Query Scheduler isn't simply a wrapper around BigQuery's, but a new scheduler built from the "ground up".

As a result, your previously scheduled queries aren't carried over initially.

Simply copy + paste the SQL of the scheduled queries you already set up and re-enter the interval and destination table.

Benefits of the superQuery scheduler

Building our own query scheduler allows us to build unique capabilities on top of the normal scheduler over time and be more responsive to user requests.

Unique capabilities of the superQuery scheduler include:

  • Schedule multiple queries in a single scheduler.

  • You can schedule DML commands (Create, Edit, Delete)

  • You can select the billing project the query will be executed on while defining another project inside your SQL.

  • + more to come!