What is superQuery?
superQuery is a web-based IDE that helps data analysts & scientists work more productively when querying data stored in Google BigQuery, AWS Athena (S3), and AWS DynamoDB.

What can I do with superQuery?

You can use superQuery to:
    Leverage best-in-class query management
      Use Query Tabs to work across many queries and easily switch between different results
      Organize queries into folder-like Boards
    Shorten pre-existing workflows
      Never worry about forgetting to save queries with Google Docs-like query auto-save.
      Use variables to make your queries dynamic and save time when modifying them
      Avoid having to save large results as a table with a much-larger 6,000,000 row export limit.
      Looking for a particular query but forgot the name? Use SQL Search to quickly find it.
      Immediately know how much your query is going to cost without doing the math yourself.
    Generate one-click Charts and Dashboards
      Transform your query results into Charts that tell a story that tables can't.
      Combine multiple query results into a Dashboard without having to export to a BI tool or Sheets.
    Version-control your work
      Commit your queries to GitHub and GitLab
      View an unlimited version history for every query tab and BigQuery views
    Collaborate on work with your team
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Last modified 3mo ago